Poultry News, Oct/Nov 2023 – Backyard Poultry

Microplastics in Poultry, swans in the news, chicken backpacks, and more. Microplastics in Poultry Earlier this year, researchers from Portugal published “Microplastics in Terrestrial Domestic Animals and Human Health: Implications for Food Security and Food Safety and Their Role as Sentinels.” They explored the exposure of domestic animals, such as pigs, cows, chickens, and ducks, … Read more

What Can Chickens Eat – Backyard Poultry

By Dr. Stephenie Slahor. Advice on what and what not to feed your chickens. Leftover salad from dinner, the leafy tops from vegetables, that plastic bag of “something” in the back of the refrigerator — well, they might become “give-it-to-the-chickens” food. Let’s face it, we like to be thrifty, and we don’t like to waste … Read more

Fall Chicken Salad – Backyard Poultry

Story and Photos by Rita Heikenfeld What is it about chicken salad that has universal appeal? Maybe it’s the fact that you can start out basically with a blank canvas of chicken and pantry ingredients and wind up with any number of combos. Fall chicken salad can be plain, fancy, or somewhere in between. Toss … Read more

Ask the Experts Oct/Nov 2023

Expert advice on feeding corn, lash eggs, broody hens, chicken coops, and heritage birds. CRACKED CORN Is cracked corn okay in summer or what is the alternative?Janice ** Hi JaniceCorn is a nice treat for chickens, but shouldn’t be fed to them as their main diet. Offer some as an occasional treat; they’ll enjoy scratching … Read more

Chicken by the Numbers

In the U.S., the chicken industry directly employs about 381,000 people. But if you count all the people who grow feed for the chickens, drive delivery trucks, serve chicken wings, make the packaging, or are otherwise indirectly employed, that’s a total of 1.5 million jobs.   Chicken is the most affordable source of high-quality protein … Read more

4 Raising Meat Chickens Lessons Learned

I knew this already; I grew up on a farm. I’ve seen Food, Inc. and read The Omnivore’s Dilemma. I know the difference between raising egg layers, dual-purpose chickens, and raising meat chickens. I’d spoken to others who raised meat chickens. This May, a local feed store gave my friend 35 meat chicks since they were … Read more

How Chicken Can Help Tackle Blood Pressure

“This was exploratory in the sense that the dietary guidelines indicate as part of a healthy diet, you may choose from a variety of lean meats, which may include lean poultry. Here, we happen to have an experiment where all the foods were exactly the same except for choice at dinner, but choices were from … Read more

Faits sur le poulet Livourne – Backyard Poultry

Race: Poulet Livourne Origine: Le poulet Leghorn original est venu d’Italie, selon The Standard of US Perfection, mais les nombreuses sous-variétés de la race sont originaires ou ont été développées en Angleterre, au Danemark et en Amérique. Les différentes variétés de Leghorns ont été admises au Standard entre 1874 (Single-Comb Browns, White et Blacks) et … Read more

Nettoyer après une attaque de mouches – Backyard Poultry

Au fur et à mesure que le temps se réchauffe, augmentez votre vigilance pour détecter les signes de slystrike. Histoire de Tove Danovich. Temps de lecture: 4 minutes Dès que je l’ai récupérée, j’ai su que quelque chose n’allait pas », a déclaré KristiPritchett, qui élève environ 15 poulets chez elle en Pennsylvanie.L’odeur l’a révélé … Read more

Herbes pour votre trousse de premiers soins pour volaille

Ajoutez l’achillée millefeuille, le calendula et l’ortie à votre sac de trucs. Histoire de Heather Levin. Temps de lecture: 4 minutes QUAND VOUS AVEZ DES POULETS, vous savez que peu importe vos efforts, des maladies et des blessures vont se produire. Il peut s’agir d’un raton laveur voyou qui s’introduit dans le poulailler la nuit, … Read more